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Breathe Healthy Indoor Air

Repair ALL Brands. Home, Commercial, Office Air Conditioning Repair, Ductwork, Installation, Replacement, Thermostat Issues, Float switch...
No Surprises Pricing
Our pricing is a flat rate, so you’ll know the price up front. Our heating and air conditioning repairs are backed with a 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty.
  1. Air Ducts Sanitize
    Even if your heating and air conditioning ducts aren't dirty enough to require a complete cleaning, allergies can be triggered by bacteria and mold spores growing inside the ducts. Sanitizing the ducts will help kill off mold spores and bacteria, helping you and your family to breathe easier.
  2. UV Lights
    Ultraviolet light kills bacteria and mold growing on your indoor coil before they are circulated throughout your home. UV lamps are installed near your existing indoor coil and work diligently to rid your home of the bacteria, viruses, mold and germs that impact your home's health. We install 1 or 2 lights per indoor coil, depending on the size of the coil.
  3. Condensor tie-downs
    We use Extreme Condition Mounting Kit, your condenser will be engineered to resist 150 mph wind speed.
  4. Air conditioner istallation
    Your air conditioner is only as good as your air conditioning installation. When you work with us, you can count on your system being installed properly. Call today to get started.
  5. Air conditioning repair
    There is no way that you can hope for your air conditioner to operate effectively and efficiently if you do not schedule immediate air conditioning repair, when problems pop up. Call us to do so. We’ll diagnose the problem and resolve it completely.
There is no way in which you can hope to control your HVAC system effectively if you do not have a high–quality thermostat. Let us install your thermostat so that you know it is operating properly. For great air conditioning in South Florida, look no further than A clean Cool Air Solutions..
Ductless air conditioning
you think that ductwork is a necessity for whole–home cooling, think again. A ductless air conditioning system, is a great way in which to ensure that your home is cool and comfortable, even without the space for ductwork. Call for more details.